I hold a Ph.D. in spatial planning from the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, a master’s degree in landscape architecture from California State Polytechnic University College of Environmental Design, a master’s degree in environmental behavior from the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability, and a bachelors’ degree in economics and environmental studies from the University of Southern California.

Links to my publications, other writing and talks are provided below. For more detailed information, please access my curriculum vitae.


Mapping EBT Store Closures through the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Low-income, Food-insecure Community in San Diego.
forthcoming. Preventing Chronic Disease
Lowery, B.C., Swayne, M.R.E., Castro, I.A. & Embury, J.

Food Waste, Preference, and Cost: Perceived Barriers and Self-reported Food Service Best Practices in Family Child Care Homes.
2022. Childhood Obesity
Patel, D., Butzer, D., Williams, B., Dev, D., Horm, D., Finneran, D., Lowery, B., Campbell, J., & Sisson, S.

Availability of Healthy Food, Alcohol, and Tobacco in a Rural Oklahoma Tribal Community.
2022. Discover Food
Jervis, L., Bray, L., Cox, D., Tallbull, G., Lowery, B., & Spicer, P.

Associations Between Community Nutrition Environments and Early Care and Education Barriers to Classroom Nutrition Practices.
2021. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 53(7): S8.
Williams, B., Sisson, S., Lowery, B., Dev, D.,Horm, D., Campbell, J., Finneran, D., Graef-Downard, J.

Associations between Community Built Environments and Early Care and Education Classroom Physical Activity Practices and Barriers.
2021. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(12): 6524.
Williams, B., Sisson, S., Dev, D., Lowery, B., Horm, D., Campbell, J., Finneran, D., Graef-Downard, J.

Integrating Transit Data and Travel Time into Food Security Analysis: A case study of San Diego, California
2021. Applied Geography 131: 103461.
Swayne, M.R.E. & Lowery, B.C.

Outdoor Advertising: Landmark of the Experience Economy.
2019. Interdisciplinary Journal of Signage and Wayfinding 3(2): 21-28.
Lowery, B.C.

Justice and Urban Design
2019. The New Companion to Urban Design. Edited by Tridib Banerjee and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
Lowery, B.C. & Schweitzer, L.A.

Planning for Private Consumption and Collective Beauty:
Regulating Outdoor Advertising in Los Angeles, 1881–2014

2016. Journal of Planning History 15(3): 119-209.
Lowery, B.C.

Do Farmer’s Markets Increase Access to Healthy Foods for all Communities? Comparing Markets in 24 Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
2016. Journal of the American Planning Association 82(3): 252-266.
Lowery, B.C., Sloane, D.C., Payan, D., Illum, J. & Lewis, L.B.
2016 Honorable Mention for Best Article

The Prospects and Problems of Integrating Sketch Maps with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Understand Environmental Perception:
A case study of mapping youth fear in Los Angeles gang neighborhoods

2014. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 41(2): 251 – 271.
Curtis, J.W., Shiau, E., Lowery, B., Sloane, D., Hennigan, K. & Curtis, A.
2014 Breheny Prize for Best Paper in Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design

The Prevalence of Harmful Content on Outdoor Advertising in Los Angeles:
Land use, community characteristics, and the spatial inequality of a public health nuisance

2014. American Journal of Public Health 104(4): 658-664.
Lowery, B.C. & Sloane, D.C.

Other Writing and Talks

The Future of Food
Just Sow Podcast
University of Oklahoma

Coupled Urban Metabolism – Social Contexts and Material Flows
with Stephanie Pincetl, Katie Marshall, and Peter Soppelsa
Inhabiting the Anthropocene Workgroup – University of Oklahoma

Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
Online Lecture Series
South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

Adaptation Planning
Online Lecture Series
South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

Going Bananas in the Anthropocene
Inhabiting the Anthropocene Blog.
Inhabiting the Anthropocene Workgroup – University of Oklahoma

Building a Healthy, Sustainable, and Equitable Food System for Los Angeles
with Alexa Delwiche of Los Angeles Food Policy Council
Urban Growth Seminar – University of Southern California

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